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Aquarius Musings

She is the great disruptor. She is the supreme liberator. She is your authenticity and individuality. She is the energy that guides you into fuller expression of your unique and perfect soul. She is Aquarius. Here we are in the zodiacal season of Aquarius. Aquarius is a fixed air sign. Air signs are associated with ideas, movement and communication. Fixed signs are strong, deeply rooted and persistent. Aquarius is accessing and actualizing our potential. Accessing and actualizing the divine within us. Accessing and actualizing the call of our soul.

“The edge of the real... where your fist slowly opens. Mind and heart crack open, and, at last, you say yes to Goddess doing something new.” ~ "Answer the Call"

Aquarius, which in modern and evolutionary astrology is ruled by Uranus, is all about doing something new. Uranus is the great disruptor. Disrupting so that we can do things in a new and more evolved way. The song, “Answer the Call,” is about the journey of healing from the false programming we get from our families of origin, our culture and of patriarchal religious programming. This is a journey of individuation, of finding one's true self. “We all believe what we grew up learning, there’s no fault in having been deceived.”

The first part of the song feels, to me, like a journey from Capricorn to Aquarius. It’s about the clearing of the past, through naming and grieving our wounds. Through this healing we reclaim our connection to something larger. Because Aquarius is an air sign, what we are letting go of is largely focused in the area of unhelpful or false beliefs and outdated mental programming. “Open eyes, at last behold what you never could create, the light of day.”

The second part of the song is full on Aquarius-Uranus energy. We are coming into the fullness of our unique soul expression and expanding our individual energy out into the collective. This is the moment when we share our gifts to support the healing of the entire planet. Our action in service of the whole comes from the most authentic and humble expression of our individuality. We are literally answering the call of the soul.

Aquarius energy is also significant at this time as Jupiter and Saturn recently made a conjunction in Aquarius, initiating a new 200 year cycle of these planets meeting in air signs. We are leaving behind 200 years of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in earth signs. This means there is a collective shift in our structures and societal foundations. This holds the potential for increased and innovative communication, connection, and care. As we are seeing, this also often comes with great disruption, chaos and violence as the old way dies to make way for the new. We are witnessing the death throes of patriarchy and it is horrific, ghastly, unconscionable.

This is also a very Plutonic time. Our genocidal history is being unearthed. We are not at fault for having been deceived as children about this country's genocidal history. We are responsible as adults for seeking out the truth and answering the call to create a new and more nurturing reality. Aquarius invites us to step forward with our unique footprint and join together in creating this next era of human consciousness.

Note: This is the third in a thirteen chapter journey through the songs of Somebody Calling, and the zodiacal calendar. Full disclaimer, I am a psychotherapist, I am not an astrologer, so my musings on the zodiacal energies of these songs is that of a layperson. If you are interested in exploring astrology further, I highly recommend the following founts of wisdom:

If you are interested in exploring the underworld of your own psychic terrain with a spiritually grounded psychotherapist, you can learn more about me and how I work here.


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