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“Just when I think that I have it, She Changes once again”

These words, written by Lana, are lyrics of one of our new songs, “The One.” They speak to the journey of the past several years, a journey involving learning to listen to our intuition, letting go of how we thought things would turn out and honoring change as the fuel of perpetual evolution.

We were planning an in person performance for this July when Kathleen visits from the East Coast. Over the course of the past month, it has become clear that our planned concert is not in alignment for us at this time. First and foremost, we are committed to honoring our intuition, respecting our energetic and physical capacities and integrating new information as it becomes known to us.

It can be difficult to change plans, especially when we know that there are folks who were really looking forward to taking part in one of our musical gatherings again. The sense of responsibility to others can sometimes cloud one's intuitive voice and judgment. I've learned a lot in recent years from listening to Tarot and spiritual teacher Lindsay Mack, of Tarot for the Wild Soul. They recently discussed the importance of discernment as it relates to being willing to break commitments when those commitments are no longer in alignment with our or the collective's highest good. There can be a lot of difficult emotions to move through in such a process – disappointment, guilt, sadness – before reaching the other side where it is peaceful and clear. It is our hope that in sharing a little bit about this process, other folks can be encouraged to permission themselves to change their minds when needed and heed the wise inner voice that speaks to us, sometimes very softly and from the shadows. I believe that we are in a time of collective awakening to the importance of this type of discernment and flexibility in order to reach our highest potential.

We plan to use our time together this summer to work on the new music we've been developing for our upcoming album, “Fire of Hope.” We look forward to inviting you into portions of our work through videos. As always, thank you for witnessing our journey and hearing our songs.



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