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Sacred Return

On February 9, 2020, Lana, Dionne, Kathleen and Alison performed a show at Moon Mothers Nursery in honor of V-Day, a clip of which is featured here. We celebrated women and the Goddess arising in the face of centuries of patriarchal violence. It was a gorgeous, sunny day in this peaceful outdoor space surrounded by Mother Nature's abundant beauty. We connected with old friends that day and made some new ones. There was a sense of gratitude and ease flowing through the experience. We didn't know, could not know, that this would be the last time we would make music together that year, or, in fact, for several years. We didn't know that after that day Spiral Muse, like so many other entities, would cease to exist in the same form, that this musical organism was about to undergo a death, a liminal phase, and eventually a rebirth.

We are continuously grateful for the sacred transformation that has allowed us to reform as a bicoastal band, creating, collaborating and recording new songs. Sparked by a private reunion late last summer in which our voices and instruments blended together again for the first time since that day in early 2020, the fires of creativity and hope have been growing steadily ever since.

We are very happy to announce that we will be performing in person together this summer for the first time in nearly three and a half years. The most natural place in the world for this reunion to take place is at herchurch, the divine feminine sanctuary and community in which the four of us first met over a decade ago. This is where we made music together, week after week, for many years, surrounded by the imagery, energy and embodiment of the Divine Feminine Spirit. This community nurtured and supported our growth as a band and we are excited and curious to visit this space after these years of transformation.

We will be performing songs from previous albums as well as from “Fire of Hope,” the album we've been collaborating on long distance for the past several months. We plan to release our new album this winter.

There are two core themes for “Fire of Hope”: Rebirth and the Spiralic Nature of the Muse. When we chose the name “Spiral Muse,” we did so in recognition of the non-linear, cyclic and constantly evolving nature of life. A spiral circles round and round but never passes the same spot twice, each rotation touches on a slightly different point in space. The spiral image appears over and over in nature, manifesting in plants, animals and the cosmos itself. Even the human fingerprint reveals a spiral. Spirals are flexible and follow the natural movement of things. While we might prefer our creativity to be ever blossoming, prefer the voice of the Muse to be always available, loud and clear, this is not the nature of life.

Individually and collectively, we experience fallow periods, times when our creativity seems to be offline or struggling to find a way to express in our current circumstances. While we did not know this at the time, we were completing a cycle as a creative entity in 2019 and early 2020. For each of us and for our band, a fallow period was arising. This is the essence of spiralic creativity. Contraction follows expansion, tides ebb and flow, we breath in and out. The Muse becomes quiet, but she is never lost to us forever.

The life-death-rebirth cycle, expressed in countless mythologies, symbols and deities from many cultures, is itself spiralic. While the “Fire of Hope” album acknowledges this full rotation, there is special emphasis placed on the Rebirthing part of the cycle. This is the moment we are currently exploring through our renewed and re-formed collaboration. A recurring line from the title track of our album references "the rebirth of the undying light." Rebirthing is really just a return of something that is eternal, a new expression of the immortal essence embedded within all of our creations.

Since the beginning, we have all been singing. We draw inspiration from the natural world, our human relationships and the vast, unseen realms the Muse grants access to in harmony with Divine Timing. Countless times we change through the mystery of the spiral and countless times we have been reborn.


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