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Summer Highlights - Fire of Hope and Resurrecting the Goddess

The new rhythm of Spiral Muse centers around songwriting, collaborating and recording asynchronously while living on opposite sides of the country. We are blessed to have found a new rhythm, as we originally thought our days of music making as a foursome were behind us when Kathleen moved to the East Coast in 2021. But Goddess had other plans for us and showed us the path to creating and recording music together while living thousands of miles apart.

This summer is providing some sweet punctuations to our normal routine, infusing our creative endeavors with fresh energy. In July, we gathered together in person in the Bay Area to work on the music for our upcoming album, Fire of Hope. We thoroughly enjoyed watching our songs come to life in real time together and fine tuning them in a way that just isn't possible when collaborating via technology. We also played some old favorites, revisiting the energy and memories of our earlier years together.

The second event of the summer is an online summit, Resurrecting the Goddess being produced by Spiral Muse's very own Kathleen Neville-Shinn and her colleague Erin Duffy-Burke. From August 28 through September 1, over 25 expert teachers, healers, artists, and ministers are gathering to share their wisdom on the Divine Feminine, in dialogue with the Christian tradition. In addition to the expert presentations, this summit includes live, embodied ritual and sharing circles. Each day, participants who sign up will receive recordings of conversations with expert priestesses, healers, and spiritual leaders speaking a variety of themes.

Keynote speaker for this event is Dr. Christena Cleveland, author of "The Black Madonna’s Clarion Call for Racial Liberation. ” The conversation with Spiral Muse, "Resurrecting the Divine Feminine Through Music," will take place on Day 2 (August 29th) of the Summit, and our music will be featured throughout. Click here to register for this free event!

In celebration of the summit, we will be PRE-RELEASING a song from our "Fire of Hope" album. This song, The One, is a collaboration between Kathleen, who composed the music, and Lana, who wrote the lyrics.The One” describes the Divine as beloved and lover and love itself, embracing all." Lana shares, "The Divine is dynamic, spiraling a world of ebb and flow. In love with Spirit, we can open ourselves to this spiral of change. We can trust and step beyond the well-worn path. In Oneness with Spirit, we can truly live each moment as it unfolds." The One will be played over the course of the summit and will not be available anywhere else until the album is released this winter. You can sign up here to register for the summit and be eligible for free gifts from the various speakers and presenters!


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