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About Us

Spiral Muse is dedicated to Sacred Female Power, the Wisdom of Mother Earth and the Spirit of Fierce Compassion rising up during these tumultuous times. The spiral is an ancient symbol of the Goddess, found in archeological remains of forgotten cultures throughout the ages. The Divine Feminine is our muse, the inspiration from which we create. The symbolism is rich.  The harmonies are sublime.  The music is joyful, sweet, fierce, angry, deep, flowing, hopeful – but always powerful.

Our music is inspired by every aspect of our embodied experiences as women. We are musicians, mothers, healers, writers, and survivors. We write and sing about justice and empowerment, about the healing process, the sacred, love of the Earth and one another. We acknowledge, honor and give thanks to the indigenous people of the land we live on and are privileged to make music upon.

We have created three original collections, "She is Here," (2014) and "Somebody Calling," (2019) and "Fire of Hope (2024) as well as an album of Goddess-infused, social justice focused Christmas music (set to traditional tunes), "Sing of Peace" (2015, updated 2023.) After many years of weekly rehearsals and regular performances, life has pulled us in different geographical directions. Yet, still, we continue to write and record music together. We have recently released a number of singles, a fully bicoastal album and are currently working on our 10 year Anniversary Edition of "She Is Here."

At the end of the day, we are four passionate souls who really, really like making music together and are determined to find a way to do it, even when separated by thousands of miles. And we believe that when women’s voices rise up, the Voice of the Ancient and Eternal Goddess speaks.

Meet the Band

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