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Shadows in the Drum

Messages come from the spirit world,

the natural world and the depths of our collective consciousness.

These messages channel through the heartbeat of the drum

and are offered to you by our Drumming Priestess Dionne. 

Bear Medicine Initiation

bear middle right_edited.jpg

Four Part Series

The Bear Cave symbolizes deep introspection, sustained meditation and activation of the pineal gland, corresponding to the crown chakra

(and in some traditions, also the third eye).

Going into the darkness of the cave nourishes the inner light, awakening conscious connection with the divine. Bear medicine also restores balance and harmony, promoting healing physically, emotionally and spiritually.

You can listen to the full series here

Spirit Walk

This piece explores the connection between the natural world and the inner world. Spirit Walk evolved over decades before finding its final iteration on the "She Is Here" album.

Photo taken by Dionne.JPG


This drumming vision goes deeper into the wisdom of channelled ancestor voices and draws insight from the timeless spirits of redwood, rock and salmon. 

Ancient Ones

This is the predecessor of Ancestors, the percussive foundation upon which it was built, and also includes the voice of the wooden flute, evoking canyon speak and wind spirits. 

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