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In the Studio ~ Fire of Hope

We are releasing one of the songs from the album this October. "We Are" is a haunting, witchy four part harmony combining voices and violin. It is a three-way songwriting collaboration, with lyrics by Lana Dalberg, melody by Alison Newvine and choral arrangement by Kathleen Neville-Shinn.

We are in the process of recording our fourth album, "Fire of Hope."

This is our first post-pandemic

album and our first full-length

bicoastal recording endeavor.

As the title suggests, this project centers around the themes of hope and the rekindling of the creative spark that first brought us together in song years ago.

This album also explores

themes of rebirthing,

transformation and healing. 


This album is a powerful collection of fierce and sacred songs that cry out against the injustice of patriarchy and speak to the lived reality of the Divine Mother's presence arising within and around us. The title track recounts the suppression of women's spirituality throughout history, including the witch-burnings of the middle ages. This album weaves together songs of praise, grief, anger, reclamation and rejoicing. In the era of #metoo, with women’s voices rising as never before, we name the pain of the past and present and look forward in hope of a better future. It is our sincere and abiding desire that these songs, these embodied and melodic prayers, touch your heart and stir your soul, filling you with awe at the potential and mystery of your own precious spirit.

album cover.jpg

(originally recorded as "Devi Vaani")

spiral here.png

We recorded our first all-original album, “She Is Here,” in the summer of 2014 at Hoffman Studios in Occidental, CA. This album is a labor of love, including songs written by each of the three of us at various stages of our spiritual journeys. She is Here begins by calling out to Goddess, asking for her guidance, strength and holding on this life path. The middle section cries out to Goddess to end the violence that has become so commonplace in this age- war, domestic violence, child abuse. The third section is hopeful, and in this portion of the album we lift up our voices in praise of her magic, her mystery, her presence in our lives. Although the lyrics to the songs are not included in the cd jacket, you can find them here on our website.

Sing of Peace
Sing of Peace new.JPG

In 2015, we recorded a Goddess Christmas album. Composed of familiar Christmas carol melodies with new, inclusive lyrics by theologian and minister Rev. Jann Aldredge-Clanton, "Sing of Peace" includes the experiences of women, minorities, and all oppressed people who are not directly referenced in traditional Christmas music. The album reclaims and amplifies the themes of peace, joy, hope, awe, and love that characterize this season. For those of us involved in the making of this cd, Christmas songs were a happy, often blissful part of our childhood traditions and memories. As we grew older, our spiritual identities continued to evolve and some of the traditional lyrics felt out of sync with our beliefs and hopes for the world. Thank goodness for Jann Aldredge Clanton! She boldly goes where no holiday music has gone before and we are deeply thankful for her vision, courage and light.


We've recently released a number of singles to electronic music platforms. Some of these were updates of previously recorded and unreleased work and some have been brand new. Among these releases are a series of drum and voice pieces being created as a solo project by Dionne. More information on those pieces can be found at Shadows in the Drum.

And, of course, some cover songs. Just for fun.

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