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There is joy in our hearts as we prepare this ReCollection of songs for Equinox. In tribute to our rich musical history together as a couple, we are revisiting, and in some cases reVisioning, old original and cover songs. With hope and gratitude for the unfolding future, we are premiering three brand new original pieces and two new cover songs.

The surfacing of old songs and the birthing of new ones has felt seismic after the barren stillness of 2020. With our ReEmerging show for Fall Equinox 2021, surrounded by friends, we felt the sparks of hope and creativity return. The hibernation of winter nurtured, unbeknownst to us, the seeds of our next creations. ReCollection is what we have named the gathering of songs we're working on for Moon Mothers Spring Equinox Festival. It is also a process we are engaging with throughout this year. We are recollecting ourselves and re-collecting our songs, taking stock of who we are as musicians, looking back at where we've been and discerning where we want to go from here.

Our new song “Blood from Stones” explores the process of reckoning with the past and letting go without the security of knowing what is coming next.

Lay it down now

There is no sin and we did the best we could

With a path that was meant to entwine and then unwind

Align and collide

Now the voice I lost is coming back

And by Her grace it will grow stronger

The longer I spend in these dark hours

Of only breath and ache and mystery

Dionne and Alison 2012

Music has always been an integral part of our lives and our partnership. We feel ourselves being called into the next phase of this by the spirit who has guided us thus far, the Muse who goes by many names. We are willing to not know what this next phase really looks like yet and to instead commit, and recommit, to serving the Muse.

In recollecting the past, we embrace and reclaim parts of ourselves that have been neglected or forgotten along the way, sacred parts that long to be nurtured, long to explore and to flourish. This process is happening in the collective consciousness at this time. Two years into the pandemic, the lives all of us were living up until March of 2020 are clearly part of the past. Still, we are all finding ways to re-integrate people, places, activities and passions that we were ambiguously, and at times violently, separated from two years ago. We are remembering who we are.

Our new song “Beloved,” captures the essence of this remembering and reclaiming.

Beloved, you are the voice I hear inside

The child lost from me years ago

Your memory echoes where it hides

Crying out now to be known

Beloved, there are no words, just this breathless sigh

A sigh that wants to be your song

Listen, a song comes to you

Listen, a song comes through you

A theme circulating strongly through ReCollection is that of "reaching again for prayer.” The songs we write and sing are prayers first and foremost. Sometimes cries of despair, pleas for help, and other times expressions of joy, celebration and praise. Our third new song for this set, “Walk this Path Anew,” is a prayer for inner peace.

Peace, I hear you call

Take me now, keep me from doing harm

Peace before my eyes

Fill me now, so that I may rise

When the mountains start to break

When the bones inside me shake

And the thoughts inside my head leave me no choice

That's when I need your gentle voice

Peace within me flow

Guide my voice so I may heal, learn and grow

Peace be with you too

Fill our hearts, let us walk this path anew


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