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Somebody Calling

Nearly a year ago we began recording our album "Somebody Calling." In this blogpost, we are sharing with you the complete list of songs that will appear on this album. The songs have woven themselves together like a tapestry, their order becoming self-evident over time, beginning with fierce and powerful nature imagery before descending into the shadow realm to embrace the disowned and forgotten parts of our collective history as women and lovers of the

Photo by Carol Schlesinger

Goddess. And then, with our formerly discarded and now reclaimed parts fully intact, we ascend with the rising sun, moving forward into the challenging work of seeing the other as our own self and breaking down borders. The album culminates with an anthem celebrating our commitment to continually answering the call of our soul. We answer when she leads us into the dark corners where the suppressed and forgotten parts of our being reside. We answer when she fills us with an energy as bright and powerful as the sun, urging us into the next act of creation. It is our sincere and abiding desire that these songs, these embodied and melodic prayers, touch your heart and stir your soul, filling you with awe at the potential and mystery of your own precious spirit.

PELE by Olivia Oso


Our first song is an explosion of fire and light. Dedicated to the Indigenous people of Hawaii and their fierce volcano goddess Pele, this song pays tribute to the transformative power of anger, a theme relevant both to colonized and oppressed people and to women and gender minorities finding voice and fighting back against injustice.


This is our love song to Mama Nature. All matter that we encounter on this physical plane- trees, mountains, streams, animals and our own selves- are forms of light that have slowed down so much that they are basically frozen into form. This song is blessed with the collaborative contributions of Karianne Burns, adding the voice of harp and wooden flute to the constellation of instruments mimicking the sacred sounds of the forest..


This song was gifted her lyrics from We'Moon poet Sherri Rose-Walker. The song describes the ancient symbols of the Goddess that appear throughout neolithic culture, tens of thousands of years before the relatively recent patriarchal religions took hold. Like the stone she is etched in, the Great Mother is inscribed upon our psyches and whispers to our hearts through poetry, song, oracle, dance and dreams.


This song reunites the parts of ourselves that we disown or abandon. These voices call to us and invite us into the shadow realms where unexpected gifts await our discovery. We greet our shadow and invite her to sing with us.

Photo by Clayton Day


This is a unique track on the album as it is the only piece that was not “written” and thus cannot be recreated or performed. This song layers together a number of drum and voice tracks channelled by Dionne in service of bringing forth the voices of the ancestors.


Our title track tells the tale of the suppression of women's spirituality by patriarchal religious forces. The song focuses on the Judeo-Christian creation story that casts Eve as the villain, responsible for the suffering of all humanity, and how this narrative lead to the witch-burnings of the middle ages in which nine million were tortured and killed. This song is an invocation that calls out the names of thirty-three Goddesses from traditions spanning six continents and many ages.


This song speaks directly to rape culture and the transgenerational transmission of the belief that we, as women, are not allowed to say No. Through this song, we confront those beliefs and choose something different, restoring our sense of wholeness, of holiness, and of bodily and psychic sovereignty.

photo by Elaine Chan-Scherer


After the longest, darkest night, we begin to feel the first tentative tendrils of the returning sun. As she rises over the horizon, bathing us in life, we are restored and rebirthed into a radiance we've only ever dreamt of. This is an experimental piece with vocalizations but no words. Our voices and our instruments become the sound of the sun.


In this piece, we have reclaimed the word coven as the sacred community and circle of women connected to nature, spirit and the vibrancy of living and loving. This is the debut composition of Lana Dalberg, our talented violinist who has now crossed into the realm of songwriter.


This piece explores our relationship with conflict, both with others and within our own psyche. This song dives into shadow projection, how we turn others into enemies because they remind us of parts of ourselves that we've disowned.


This song incorporates lyrics by San Francisco poet Kit Kennedy, imagining a world where peace is the only currency, and the only border is a canopy of trees.

Portrait by Tamara Trejo


This song is blessed with lyrics from another poem by Sherri Rose-Walker. It explores the interplay of death and life, in the falling leaves of the tree and in our process of mourning. It is simultaneously an act of surrender and a call into to life.


This song is about unlearning the unhelpful messages we've been taught and answering the call of our soul to feel, experience and create something new. As the closing piece of the album “Somebody Calling,” this is a prayer to continually answer the call of spirit, over and over, every day, now and forever.

Our album release concert is Sunday June 9th 2pm at Emerging Space Greenhouse.

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