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Pisces Musings

She is liminal. She is reverie. She is without bounds. She is the mist that whispers in the trees. She is Pisces.

Here we are in the zodiacal season of Pisces. Pisces is a mutable water sign. Mutable signs hold opposites and duality, they are flexible, adaptable and ever-changing. Water signs relate to our emotional lives, to the flow of our feelings and the pouring fourth of our tears. Our dreams, our fantasies, our longing for magic, and our intuition are all of the Piscean realm.

Pisces is the ocean where self dissolves into the sea of collective consciousness. She is our capacity to shape shift, to merge, to disappear, and through that disappearing, to remember. She is boundless empathy, sensitivity and compassion

Our song for Pisces season is Ancestors. In this piece, the musician dissolves and the voices of the ancestors flow through. The heart beat of the drum steadies the wails and whispers and songs of the ones whose bodies have dissolved. The emotions evoked by these voices can be unsettling and, at times, reality – altering.

In modern astrology, Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune, the great dissolver, and the planet most closely associated with spirituality, the arts, altered states of consciousness and channeling. Neptune offers a dreaminess and a creativity that is overflowing. In their underdeveloped forms, Neptunian and Piscean energy can lead to escapism through drugs or other addictions, overly porous boundaries or spiritual ego. The highest vibration of these energies merges us into the One, inspiring us to channel the heart of universal compassion into the realm of the physical.

Pisces rules the unseen realm from which we can draw inspiration for creative approaches to the multitude of challenges we face in our world today. Our loving ancestors, benevolent guides and Spirit in their many forms surround us, eager to offer us medicine and wisdom. A painting can soothe the broken heart, a song can inspire great action, a poem can uplift a nation. Seemingly out of the void, such brightness and innovation can emerge. How do you tap in to this mysterious realm? Prayer, meditation, time in nature, dance, art, music, loving, cooking, walking, journaling, tarot, altar-building, deep presence of any sort can open the door. Set the intention, make the invitation, welcome Spirit in.

Note: This is the fourth in a thirteen chapter journey through the songs of Somebody Calling, and the zodiacal calendar. Full disclaimer, I am a psychotherapist, I am not an astrologer, so my musings on the zodiacal energies of these songs is that of a layperson. If you are interested in exploring astrology further, I highly recommend the following founts of wisdom:

If you are interested in exploring the underworld of your own psychic terrain with a spiritually grounded psychotherapist, you can learn more about me and how I work here.


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