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Libra Musings

She is harmonious relationship. She is seeker of justice. She is activist. She is peacekeeper. She is beauty and connection. She is Libra.

Here we are in the cardinal air sign of Libra, the initiator of relationship. Libra's superpower is her ability to bring peace and harmony to situations that may be sorely lacking these. Ruled by Venus, planet of relationships and beauty, Libra seeks to bring balance to the environment, including the interpersonal environment. In its unevolved form, Libra can be passive-aggressive and people-pleasing. When Libra energy is refined, we experience a truly heart-driven capacity to create, nurture and heal relationships.

Our song for Libra season is "Coven of Wildflowers," a chant about community, about living in harmony with each other and the Earth. The word "coven" originates in the 16th century and simply means a gathering of like minded individuals. By the 17th century, this term came to mean a gathering of witches, of women who were keepers of indigenous, earth-based wisdom that threatened the power of the anti-body, anti-Earth, anti-woman Church in western Europe. The symbolic language of "Coven of Wildflowers" honors the connection between women and the Earth, and among like-minded, like-spirited women, connections the Church's genocide of women (witch-burning) sought to destroy. Justice, harmony and relationship are restored in this Libra-infused chant that weaves together threads of connection between women and the Earth.

"We are a Coven of Wildflowers

We all gather as women with dreams

We are sacred like birds in flight

Announcing freedom in our wings

Love ourselves as we love the Earth

One sacred destiny

Plant the tree and breathe its breath

In holy harmony."

Note: This is number eleven in a thirteen chapter journey through the songs of Somebody Calling, and the zodiacal calendar. Full disclaimer, I am a psychotherapist, I am not an astrologer, so my musing on the zodiacal energies of these songs is that of a layperson.


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