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Gemini Musings

She is curious. She is inquisitive. She is duality. She is mutable magic. She is the wild child. She is Gemini.

Welcome Gemini season. Gemini is a mutable air sign. Mutable signs hold opposites and duality, they are flexible and ever-changing. Air signs relate to ideas, movement and communication.

Gemini is the great communicator, explorer and traveler, eager to learn and understand it all. The symbol of Gemini is the twins, and the mythology of Gemini involves the death of one twin and the surviving sibling's quest to be reunited. Reunion is achieved when both twins agree to occupy both the lower and upper realms equally.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, a planet associated with the mind and mental acuity. Mercury is the messenger between this world and the underworld. Quick moving, Mercury is a psychopomp, facilitating communication between known reality and the unconscious realms. Mercury is also a bit of a trickster, playfully, and at times insistently, challenging boundaries.

Our Gemini song is ”Hello, Hello,” a conversation between the conscious personality and a suppressed part of the soul crying out. A parallel Mercurian myth is the tale of the Goddess Inanna, Queen of Heaven, who descends into the underworld to confront her sister Ereshkigal. This forgotten sister represents the parts of our being we attempt to relegate to the shadows, to “other,” so as not to be disturbed by their pain, their past, their messages.

In “Hello, Hello,” the conscious self hears an entity calling out to her and feels protective of her own life, not wanting to take on this being's pain. This tormented creature, the shadow self, assures the conscious self that she is not here to overtake her, she simply wants to be let in, to be heard and to be given a name. The conscious self slowly realizes that this being from another world is actually her own self, that they are not separate at all, and that their destiny is to remain together. She realizes that she needs her sister to sing through her so that she can be whole again.

In bridging the conscious personality and mind with the unconscious psychic world, a third realm is accessed, that of divine inspiration. Gemini is able to comprehend the nature of reality by contrasting what is known with its opposite, thus using polarity to achieve a profound unity. These various myths across time and space (Gemini, Mercury, Inanna/Ereshkigal) serve to remind us of our destiny. We are forever on a journey to reclaim lost or discarded parts of ourselves so that we may truly know who we are and express our human and divine nature more fully. Our fear, our pain, our trauma, all of these long to be welcomed home to us. It is from this deeper unity that we access our most creative, benevolent and powerful capacities.

Stay with me

I need you to be whole again

Sing with me, my friend

Sing in me

Note: This is the seventh in a thirteen chapter journey through the songs of Somebody Calling, and the zodiacal calendar. Full disclaimer, I am a psychotherapist, I am not an astrologer, so my musing on the zodiacal energies of these songs is that of a layperson. If you are interested in exploring astrology further, I highly recommend the following founts of wisdom:

If you are interested in exploring the underworld of your own psychic terrain with a spiritually grounded psychotherapist, you can learn more about me and how I work here.


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