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A New Muse

The wheel of change spins endlessly, propelling us into new adventure, inspiration, and growth. In the labyrinth of life, we return to similar points in the spiral. But no two points are quite the same. The patterns in the circle change ever so slightly and we are ourselves shifting and changing too. As of this writing, close to fifty percent of Californians are vaccinated and the world is opening up, giving us the opportunity to prepare for our first performance since February 2020.

As Spiral Muse dances into her next iteration, we welcome into our sacred circle someone who is not new at all, but rather an old friend returning to make music with us once more. We first met Sierra during the Winter Solstice of 2012 and we, Alison and Dionne, instantly knew she was someone significant, although we didn't know our paths would lead us to this point in time. Sierra began to sing with us in our church folk group shortly after we met. At the time, she was a new mom and would join us when the responsibilities of caring for an infant would allow. Now, just past Summer Solstice of 2021, she is still busy raising two beautiful sons, ages eight and five, and the time is right to collaborate together once again.

Sierra writes, "I am honored, humbled, and deeply grateful that I have been invited to be a member of Spiral Muse. I have been a fan of Alison and Dionne since before they were Spiral Muse, for nearly nine years. Their voices have always sounded to the depths of my soul and to be asked to sing with them is truly a dream come true. I look forward to deepening our long friendship as we explore themes of social justice (especially feminism), spirituality, and creativity together, and of course to healing the world with music."

We've spent many summers driving north to the redwoods to record albums, beginning in 2014 with "She Is Here" and culminating in 2019 with the final touches for "Somebody Calling." This summer, we've been driving south to the redwoods to sing with Sierra, reworking old songs and developing new ones. Sierra brings with her decades of choral experience and a passion for harmonizing, restoring to Spiral Muse the vocal triad that is the core of our sound. We are thrilled to have Sierra join us and to explore the next dimension of friendship and music making together in this post-pandemic world.


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