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As we continue production on our full-length album, we are releasing one of the tracks, “Mountain Mother,” a little early. This was the first original song the four of us collaborated on together. The lyrics, written by We'Moon poet Sherri Rose-Walker, tell the story of the enduring presence of the Goddess throughout human history, found in archeological artifacts dating back over 30,000 years. So it feels appropriate to release this one first.

Along with “Mountain Mother,” this “mini-album” will contain four additional tracks that WILL NOT appear on the album we are releasing next year. These tracks will only be available on this shorter c.d. and include a new piece with lyrics written by Sherri Rose-Walker, a chant to the Hawaiian Goddess Pele, a drum and voice piece called “Ancient Ones,” and an instrumental composition.

“Mountain Mother” sings of the ancient symbols of the Goddess that appear throughout neolithic culture, tens of thousands of years before the relatively recent patriarchal religions took hold. Like the stone she is etched in, the Great Mother is inscribed upon our psyches. She speaks to us not through dogmatic texts and thundering proclamations but through the whisperings of our hearts, through poetry, song, oracle, dance and dreams.

Poet Sherri Rose-Walker, whose work has appeared in the women's wisdom calendar “We'Moon,” describes her process of creating a collage out of these ancient images that led to the birth of the poem, “Mountain Mother.”

“In the poem, I wanted to articulate my own experience of this divine presence, and others like her, coming to us now, in dream, reverie and prophecy. She is embodied life, the source and foundation of all life and its energies. When we come close to her, everything in us is enlivened, made fruitful and bountiful.”

When asked what it was like to have one of her poems turned into a song, Sherri had the following response.

photo by Drago Renteria

“When Spiral Muse (formerly Devi Vaani) unveiled the song, my response was tears from a very deep

place. In ways I am unable to articulate, they created the sound of the vast space inhabited by the Mountain Mother, her eternal returnings through the field of time; even, to my ear, a suggestion of her Middle Eastern origins. It is powerful, profoundly beautiful, stunning music, performed by musicians with a deep reverence for this Mountain Mother, this Mother of Immortal Life.”

One line in particular feels apropos for our first release as Spiral Muse.





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