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Birthday Bash a Smash!

5th Birthday Party Concert- performing "Mountain Mother"

We are excited to announce that our 5th Birthday Fundraiser and Concert was a HUGE success! Not only were we able to raise over half the funds needed to record our next album, we had a BLAST singing, toasting and celebrating with our friends and community. We've devoted a page on our website to thanking each of the individuals who were part of making our fundraiser a success.

During the concert, we introduced two new cover songs from our cd, Stevie Nicks' "Landslide" and

the theme song, "How Far I'll Go," from Disney's first ever Goddess-film "Moana." We also premiered our newest original song, "Sweet Enemy," written by Alison Kohler-Newvine. This song explores our projections onto the "other" and how we can reclaim our unity, and our humanity, through coming together across differences and seeing the other as ourself.

We are deeply grateful for the love, support and enthusiasm of our fans, community and friends who joined us in celebrating the Voice of the Goddess. We met our matching funds goal- the first $1000 raised was DOUBLED by a generous donor who wishes to remain anonymous. When all was said and done, our donations reached $3300, giving us enough to contact our sound engineer, Joe Hoffmann, to set a date for our first recording session. The energy of interconnectedness made herself known in

Joe and Dionne during "Sing of Peace" recording 2015

Joe's response to our email, "I had a feeling we would be in touch soon. I have been thinking about you. That usually means I'm picking up on the other person who comes to mind. It's amazing how the universe works."

I couldn't have said it better myself. The power of our connection to one another, and to the infinitely creative energy universe will make itself known in a myriad of ways. It is kind of like the way a song will come, like a whisper from someone you know that gains energy as you turn your attention toward it. We look forward to sharing more of this magic with you as we prepare to head into the studio this spring. Our fundraiser continues on as we crystalize the harmonies and rhythms of our newest songs, all leading up to the birth of the next album of sacred, feminist, Goddess music.

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