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Cosmic Musings

We've been traversing the underworld for some time now, haven't we? We are wandering through the amorphous, ever-shifting reality not only of the virus but of wildfires and environmental collapse, layering into the pre-existing and ongoing perils of racism, misogyny, trans-and-homophobia, slavery, capitalism, and the like. These tether back to the oppressive constructs of colonialism, capitalism, militarism and fear-based patriarchal religions.

As a people, we've been in the underworld for a very long time. We've been lost, struggling to find markers showing us the way. We've been toying with the trust involved in seeking out and abiding by our own internal compasses.


While part of a collective experience, each of our journeys has been uniquely our own. I've found myself clawing for a root system, a mythology, a sense of sacred story or a cast of archetypes. Some framework to make sense of the macro and microcosmic suffering that pulses through each moment of each day on this planet. I've felt whipped around by two competing orientations. There is the impulse to go inward, to grieve, to unearth my own buried parts, to enter more deeply into a solitary magic and mystery. And there is the more habitual movement outward, a pressure to create and share and connect “the way I did before,” to cling to or reformulate what suited an earlier time, to not lose completely what has nourished and grown me for so long. There is surrender and there is resistance. Sound familiar? These two have been violently dancing for months on end. A dance that has been excruciating and beautiful, illuminating and violating.

Seeing the barest bones of this dance reflected and reformulated in every single person I work with as psychotherapist and healer has been an umbilical cord to the divine. We are all here in this AND we are each alone in the deepest parts of this journey. We resist the cosmic flow, the loss, the change, the rerouting we didn't choose or maybe we did somehow? We surrender to the slowing down or pausing or ending or rebirthing or miscarriages of plans and dreams that meant so much to us. In that surrender we open to what Spirit has chosen to gestate inside of us right now.

Candles Warming the Way

In the murk and loneliness of this time, we are hearing voices rising up from candle flickers. These solitary, temporary, interconnected flames have been guiding and warming our way. On this journey I've found deep nourishment through the words and art of the everyday oracles and prophets (truth-tellers) showing up during this pivotal time on the planet. Learning about the interplay of cosmic bodies through astrology, listening to the stories told by plants and planets, deepening my understanding of the matrices of oppression and trauma, examining the intrapsychic and interpsychic practices that unearth forgotten histories and cultivate healing and transformation.... these candles have been divinely organizing amidst the great chaos we find ourselves moving through at this time.

An Offering

Perhaps Spiral Muse is as an energy within each human being, or the consciousness or entity guiding that energy. Through some magic, the psychic swirlings inside each of us precious stardust beings find their way into expression and into marriage with one another's inner musings. The call at this time is to authentically be in and be with the spiralic forces of resistance and surrender, of death and rebirth, of moving out and moving in, and of the interweaving of multitudinal consciousness that spiraling movement creates.

My personal offering in this space is humble at this time, not even sure if it is ready to be brought forth. It feels like a just born deer with wobbly legs and fog in her eyes, following the scent of her mother, the only compass she's ever known. But, she is here. And it is my job to let her be here and flow through however she will.

She is a thirteen month journey-via-blog through the dimensions of psyche enfolded into the thirteen songs of “Somebody Calling,” and the archetypal vitalities of the zodiacal calendar. A Spiral Muse astrological journey. You will find her here, a gentle presence, a small and fierce candle upon a simple altar. Love flows through her to you.

The first chapter will emerge in October 2020 and the final chapter will arrive in November 2021. You are invited into this journey if you are hearing her call.


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