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Getting Our Feet Wet

Thanks to the generous support of our community and fans, we were able to begin recording our next c.d. at Hoffmann Studios!!!

We decided to begin with some of the songs that have been around a little longer and have been waiting patiently to be produced. Among these was the collaborative piece “Lullabies of Surrender” which incorporates poetry by We'Moon poet Sherri Rose-Walker with original music by Dionne Kohler-Newvine.

Actually, this music of Dionne's has been waiting a really really long time to hit the studio, as she originally composed the tune in 1990. Just as it sometimes takes awhile to find the right partner in life, the same can be true for a song finding its partner in lyrics. The original song of Dionne's, entitled, “Time” was written around a similar theme as the present day “Lullabies”- loss and the finite nature of existence as well as the fierce desire to live fully here and now.

When Dionne heard the words to Sherri's poem “Equal Beauty,” a poem inspired by a photograph by Pastor Stacy Boorn of herchurch, she knew she'd found the perfect match. The image of “Fallen Aspen Leaves” resting on the ground in Autumn inspired lines such as, “Resting in their strong embrace, they knew themselves holy, kin to all that lives.”

In the final version of the song “Lullabies of Surrender,” we decided to retain some of the original lyrics, which can be heard sung by Dionne during the more upbeat refrain of the piece. Alison and Kathleen enjoyed adding a harmony here and a bridge there. And of course Lana's magic touch on the violin completes this song that honors loss and life, endings and beginnings, as we move through the flowing river of time.

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