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Sheet Music and Guitar

Here we invite you into our creative process and share sneak peeks of songs we are currently developing.

We go through a lengthy process of editing, reworking and fine tuning on harmonies, rhythm, structure, etc. before our original music hits the stage.  It is a rewarding and, at times, rigorous process that requires patience, flexibility and open-mindedness. And it is also a lot of fun!


Original Song by Sierra Lubitz

"Maria" is the story of thousands of mothers who had their children stolen from them under the cruel practice of family separation committed by the US government at the border. "Maria" is a mother's desperate cry for her children, her confusion and shock at their sudden disappearance and her ceaseless prayer for their safety.

Statue of Mary
Music Performance


Original Song by Alison Diana

"Muse" is a journey from despair into creative jubilation. It speaks to the experience of separation from our creativity and the fear that we will never find inspiration again. "Muse" honors the process of releasing control and surrendering to the passing of time in order to be reborn into creative inspiration.

Stay Tuned...

Audio and Video Clips of Workshop Songs soon to come!

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