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New and Improved Devi Vaani

We are happy to announce the launch of the new and improved Devi Vaani website! This site offers more ways to learn about and connect with the band, including videos, history and our blog.

Photo by Drago Renteria

We've been through a lot of changes since we built the first website in 2014. Most notably, our violinist, Lana Dalberg, with whom we collaborated on and off in the early years of Devi Vaani, has become so integral to our sound, our creative process and the energetic chemistry of the group that it only made sense for her to officially join Devi Vaani. What began as "three voices, three guitars" organically morphed into a fearsome foursome of music making magic. We've moved from a solid Trinity to the enchanted balance of the Four Directions.

Photo by Joe Hoffmann

Lana became more involved with Devi Vaani during the year we spent rehearsing Christmas songs for our c.d. "Sing of Peace." The Voice of the Violin embellished these pieces so exquisitely that we asked her to add her voice to some of our original pieces as well. The rest is history, or, rather, the future, as we've yet to record a new album together in the coming year, so stay tuned!

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