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Collaborating Artists and Alumni

We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to collaborate with many talented creators, including musicians, poets, scholars and photographers. On this page, you can learn a little more about these gifted and generous folks.

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Cheryl Rose

Cheryl is an accomplished guitar player driven by her desire to continually learn and grow as a musician. She has played in bands earlier in life and is excited to collaborate with Spiral Muse in our next iteration. She is also a lover of nature and animals.

Kathleen Neville-Shinn

Beloved former Spiral Muse member Kathleen ("She Is Here," "Sing of Peace, "Somebody Calling") is a thealogian, minister, teacher, and musician whose songs are born from the infusion of the Divine Feminine into her Christian spirituality.  She holds Master's degrees in theology and ministry and is passionately committed to the resurrection of the Goddess in the Christian tradition.  She also has a lifelong history of choral and folk-style singing.  She writes music, plays guitar, sings, and has worked her magic arranging those divine Spiral Muse vocals.

Jann Aldredge-Clanton

Jann Aldredge-Clanton is an ordained minister, author, teacher, and chaplain who fearlessly champions inclusive language for the Divine.  In addition to her books on gender-inclusive theology and spirituality, she has authored several volumes of worship music, in which she sets new, liberating, inclusive lyrics to the traditional tunes that Christians know and love.  We have had the great blessing to create a full album of inclusive-language Christmas music, Sing of Peace, in collaboration with Jann.  

Sherri Rose-Walker

Sherri Rose-Walker is a life-long poet whose voice is beautiful, sophisticated, deeply emotional and and provocative. We have co-created three songs with Sherri, weaving together lyrics from her poems with our own original music, including  "Mountain Mother" and "Lullabies of Surrender" which appear on "Somebody Calling."


Karianne Burns

Karianne Burns is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrument musician. She offered up her talents on harp and wooden flute for the song "Frozen Light" on the album "Somebody Calling." She is currently I am working on a series of songs for the inner child. "When my music brings tears, I knows I've helped myself connect with the hidden self. I hope my songs help others reach those places as well." She also holds a Masters degree in Somatic Psychology at California Institute of Integral Studies.


Carol Schlesinger is a licensed clinical social worker and seasoned bereavement counselor. She is also a lover of nature, dogs, cats and all of Goddess's creatures. She lends her photography talents to Spiral Muse through the generous use of her nature imagery as well as snapping pics of the band at concerts.

Elaine Chan-Scherer is an artist, psychotherapist and intuitive who lives and works in San Francisco. She loves Mother Nature and cannot hold back from photographing and sharing Nature's gifts.  Learn more at

Janine Morris is a somatic psychotherapist in Santa Rosa and an occasional nature photography hobbyist. Visit her on instagram @bayareasomaticpsychotherapy.

Clayton Day is a master beadworker , somewhat of a photographer (he's modest) & a human being who truly LOVES the heartbeat of the earth & humanity.

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