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Our brand new album,

"Fire of Hope" is now available on Spotify, YouTube, Apple

and Amazon Music.

Find the STORY of Fire of Hope in this blogpost and find the full set of lyrics here.

"We Are"
from Fire of Hope

The opening track to "Fire of Hope" is a haunting four part harmony piece with three voices and the violin as the third voice. This piece pays homage the healers, midwives and other women who were persecuted and killed during the centuries of European witch hunts. Honoring these women and the spirit of the witch ~aka~ the spiritually connected ones, is a central theme of our music.


As a bicoastal band, opportunities to make music together all four of us in person

are few and far between.

During the Winter Solstice last year, we came together to record a LIVE version of Fire of Hope for the album, bringing the energy

of our in-person music-making

to our bicoastal album.

Spiral Muse sings of

the exquisite pain and beauty

of the human experience.

We are guided by Spirit and the awe inspiring power of the Sacred Mother

on our quest for healing.


Full Length Albums

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