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We are busy at work on our next all new original album! 

Since Kathleen moved to the east coast in 2021, we've gone through a number of changes that eventually landed us here, collaborating and recording music while living

thousands of miles apart.

Mountain Mother

Since the beginning

She has been here, etched in stone across every inch of the archeological record, Her portal of life appearing a thousand times over in

thousands of caves. Her strength, Her greatness, Her presence as enduring as mountains.

Mountain Mother, Immortal, Blessed Be.

Hibernation Season

This shamanic drumming journey calls us to the sacred hibernation space of winter. The Bear Cave symbolizes deep introspection, sustained meditation and activation of the pineal gland, corresponding to the crown chakra (and in some traditions, also the third eye). Going into the darkness of the cave nourishes the inner light, awakening conscious connection with the divine.

Spiral Muse sings of

the exquisite pain and beauty

of the human experience.

We are guided by Spirit and the awe inspiring power of the Sacred Mother

on our quest for healing.


Full Length Albums

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