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We are busy at work on our next all new original album

Since Kathleen moved to the east coast in 2021, we've gone through a number of changes that eventually landed us here, collaborating and recording music while living

thousands of miles apart.

"Somebody Calling"

Impermanence and surrender have characterized so many of our journeys since this album was released in 2019. The cycle of birth-life-death-rebirth is forever shepherding our souls toward their fullest expression. This video pays tribute to the magical time we spent recording this album in the redwoods with our beloved departed sound engineer Joe Hoffmann during our final year making music together in the Bay Area.


As a bicoastal band, opportunities to make music together all four of us in person

are few and far between.

We celebrated an intensive jamming and recording session this July, working on the songs for our upcoming album, all of which we were playing together for the first time after rehearsing long distance all year.

Spiral Muse sings of

the exquisite pain and beauty

of the human experience.

We are guided by Spirit and the awe inspiring power of the Sacred Mother

on our quest for healing.


Coming this October...

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Samhain themed Single from our Upcoming Album "Fire of Hope"

Full Length Albums

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